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Compassionate, Clear Couples Counseling

Located in the heart of Madrona, Seattle 

Offering video sessions during Covid-19

Currently full and not accepting new clients


You might have come to this website because you are feeling stuck in negative patterns with your partner. Perhaps you can't resolve problems or conflicts very well, you feel lonely or unappreciated, or you just don't "click" the way you used to. Maybe you've gradually become more distant, or perhaps there was a breach of trust or stressful event. Or perhaps you are approaching a major milestone such as marriage or parenthood and you want to fine-tune and prepare.

I offer a warm, caring yet direct style. I work to develop a trusting, constructive relationship with each of you so that you BOTH feel I "get" you and am on your side. It's your relationship and the dance between you that we are interested in understanding and beginning to heal or improve, not so much one of you. I help you talk with each other in more daring, honest, and also kind ways than you might have been able to previously, and help you practice and build some new skills to use outside sessions. 


It can be hard to know whether or when to ask for help, and maybe even embarrassing or scary to consider couples counseling. Counseling can get written off as a"last resort" for a relationship before it ends -- but I believe the opposite is true: when two people work hard in couples therapy with a skilled counselor they both trust, particularly early in to a problem rather than several years into it, therapy can transform a relationship and equip it to weather future challenges well.


It's never too soon to begin.




Short-term support for couples facing a major life change, including adjusting to Covid-19 and stay at home orders

“Bridge” Counseling is my own model -- a 3-4 session series designed for couples facing a major life change or transition (not a breach of trust or other emotional injury in the relationship) such as a move, illness, or even a global pandemic. During such a time, there is often a great deal of uncertainty. You may need your partner more than ever, but not know what you need exactly or how to ask, much less how to be truly present for your partner while you deal with immense stress yourself.

Please watch this video to learn more.

Lesbian Couple with Baby


Medium or long-term support for diverse couples at any life stage

I draw from a medley of couples therapists and modalities, but I am primarily informed by Gottman Method, created by therapists Drs John and Julie Gottman. Their research has followed over three thousand couples over four decades and uncovered what the most toxic interactional patterns tend to be, as well as the qualities and habits of the most happy and long-lasting relationships.




For Couples Entering Marriage or Commitment

It's common that when entering marriage or commitment, couples are well aware of their strengths as a couple and dimly aware of their challenges, but hopeful these challenges will improve or go away on their own. I use Prepare/Enrich, an assessment tool created out of the leading couples therapy modalities, including Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy. It is customizable to your unique circumstances (married before, have children, etc).


Bride and Groom


Dear Reader,

Welcome to my website and practice!


I'm a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (Smith College School for Social Work, 2008) with over ten years of experience as a counselor, case manager, and Gottman workshop facilitator. I've worked in various outpatient counseling settings with couples, adults, and children and families facing discord, trauma, and loss. I've also worked at a child welfare agency where I assessed and supported foster/adoptive parents. 


I identify as a white heterosexual woman. I seek to tune into my own privilege, biases, and unique experiences in these identities, as well as the limitations and biases of the methodologies I use, so that I can see and understand you on your terms, and offer the most fair and personalized-to-you therapy as possible. I'm originally from Massachusetts. I moved to Seattle 13 years ago and immediately met my now husband. We have found couples counseling very helpful in our own relationship. We have two children, preschool and early elementary age. To refuel, I love the outdoors, exercise, and creativity in most any form.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care,


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I am currently full and not accepting new clients.

Have you and your partner both read my website and think I could be a good fit for you? Wonderful, I look forward to hearing from you. The best way to inquire about my availability is e-mail (below). If you'd like to talk by phone first, usually the best way to reach me is via e-mail and we can schedule a 10 minute phone call.


I find an in-person session is a better way to assess "fit" than a phone call. If at the end of the first session I don't feel I can meet your needs, I will explain this to you and find you appropriate referrals. Or if you and your partner don't feel I'm the right fit for you and want to find another counselor, no offense taken! This is fairly rare in my experience and my in-depth website helps ensure good fits.



I am available for sessions Tuesdays and Thursdays, with limited evening availability. I make every effort to respond to emails and phone calls within 24-48 hours Monday - Friday.


Email: sarah@madronacounseling.info

Phone: (206) 339-3641


Madrona Refuge Building, Suite 301

1126 34th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

(map below)

The Madrona neighborhood is conveniently located in central Seattle east of downtown, between the 520 and 1-90 bridges. There is plenty of free street parking near the building. The building has an elevator and is ADA accessible.

(206) 339-3641

Madrona Refuge Building, Suite 301
1126 34th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122