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Happy Couple


I welcome couples of all sexual identities and expressions. I work with folks feeling stuck in frequent conflict, those who don’t often feel they “click” anymore, and those who just experienced a major breach of trust or other stressful event. I also work with couples experiencing a milestone or life change, such as marriage or welcoming a new child, to help them prepare and adjust their relationship.


I have couples counseling training in several modalities, including Gottman Method Therapy Levels 1 and 2 (I’m also a certified facilitator for Bringing Baby Home, the Gottman program for couples who are expectant or new parents), and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Gottman Method and EFT work well in concert together, helping me understand what’s going on in your relationship exactly, decode and tease apart your emotional process and communication as a couple in session, and find small and large openings for you and your partner to be more clear, expressive, present, and open to one another. I can also offer you both practical tools to use in your interactions so as to communicate better and enhance your closeness.


I am also a certified facilitator for Prepare/Enrich, an assessment tool and couples counseling approach that works particularly well for premarital counseling. Prepare/Enrich has been found to reduce the rate of divorce by 30%.

Most counselors come to working with couples years into their career by way of being individual counselors first, but I am the odd case of someone who started out as a couples counselor. I love the vibrancy of three people in a room with their unique vantage points, and how concrete and immediate it is to watch and work with a couple’s dynamics unfolding in real time.

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