Lesbian Couple with Baby


Medium or long-term support for diverse couples at any life stage

I draw from a medley of couples therapists and modalities, but I am primarily informed by Gottman Method, created by therapists Drs John and Julie Gottman. Their research has followed over three thousand couples over four decades and uncovered what the most toxic interactional patterns tend to be, as well as the qualities and habits of the most happy and long-lasting relationships.


The approach has a three session assessment phase that looks at your relationships across multiple areas, including your friendship, intimacy, trust and emotional understanding, communication, conflict, and routines and rituals. The assessment includes an individual session with each of you to learn your personal history. In the fourth session, I will teach you the basics of Gottman theory, tell you the results of an optional "relationship check-up"and my best sense of your greatest strengths and challenges as a couple, and together we will discuss and land on our top goals for our work together moving forward, which of course we can revise over time. 

Along with plenty of time to explore your thoughts, feelings, and actions and how they play out in your relationship, and my giving you gentle feedback and prompts, I can give you practical tools (conversation exercises, readings, visuals, etc) from Gottman Method as appropriate. 

I work with couples at all life stages, but a particular favorite of mine is new parenthood/those welcoming a new child to the family. I am a trained facilitator for the Gottman educational workshop for couples, "Bringing Baby Home."

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