Short-term support for couples facing a major life change, including adjusting to Covid-19 and stay at home orders


“Bridge” Counseling is my own model -- a 3-4 session series designed for couples facing a major life change or transition (not a breach of trust or other emotional injury in the relationship) such as a move, illness, or even a global pandemic. During such a time, there is often a great deal of uncertainty. You may need your partner more than ever, but not know what you need exactly or how to ask, much less how to be truly present for your partner while you deal with immense stress yourself.

Bridge Couples Counseling draws from Gottman Method tools, but without the assessment or in depth emotional processing of traditional couples counseling. Bridge Counseling has more of a crisis intervention feel: taking stock of the change at hand and how it is impacting you both and your dynamics, practicing identifying and asking for what you need from your partner, and beginning to build teamwork to manage this new reality together.


The Chinese character for Crisis is “danger” linked with “opportunity.” I believe the challenging time you’re in right now is providing a chance for your relationship to be more committed, communicative, and resilient now and in the future. Bridge Couples Counseling can help unlock this opportunity. 

Please watch this video to learn more.

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